Marissa Kaiser is driven to create and photography is her passion.  Her love for people is apparent in her images, she captures the realness of a person in a beautiful compelling way. She is intrigued by each and every story she comes in contact with and through her photography and film making she tells stories with memorable emotion.

Her passion has taken her into the field of motion as well and she loves to DP and tell stories not with only a single frame but many.

She was born in Milwaukee, WI and toated her polaoid camera everwehere - even dressing up her dog goldie and creating a book of diferent characters.  Later she moved to Portland, OR where she spent about 10 years in the creative community and currently resides in  Brooklyn NY.  

The most obvious way to get to know someone and fall in love with their spirit is photographing them - She is able to find the beauty in everything she documents, from street scenes to fashion images - and her images remain honest and organic, turning everyone into her muse for the day. Her subjects range from burnside skateboarders, to old african american ladies in their sunday best, to documenting friends lives in NYC - she always manages to have a good time and allow the subject to open.

In print, she has maintained an  ongoing dialogue with all who see her work, notably in publications and defining culture outlets like The New York Times, NYLON, Oyster Magazine, and NOWNESS to name a few.